Sunday, October 14, 2007

Computer Help needed- Please!

I have been trying to order a computer since last weekend. I had a deal on a desktop through Dell and applied for the credit (and was approved) so that it would make it easier (I have the money to pay for it from my car accident). I have been attempting to order it since Monday. I spent 5 hours on Monday, 2 hours on the phone on Tuesday and off and on throughout the rest of the week. Tuesday I actually ordered it over the phone but then they messed it up so when I called to have them adjust it they cancelled the order and then were reordering- that's when I found out they can't give me any kind of discount over the phone so I couldn't get the deal. I have been so irritated- I have spent time on the chat, time on the phone, time spent emailing. They say they have fixed the problem but it won't let me through the process. I hit the payment button and then it goes to the verification page- i type in the info and then it tells me that the page cannot be accessed and to hit the back button and refresh. I do that and type in the info again and it takes me right back to the payment page with nothing being done.

Does anything have any suggestions or thoughts on what's going on? Or, does anyone have any thoughts on any other computers (besides a mac- it's a little out of my price range). There's a compaq package deal in the b. b. ad this week- does anyone have any experience with compaqs? PLEASE HELP!!!


Jan Scholl said...

is it a laptop or a desktop you are going for?
if laptop, I suggest a Sony.
Stay away from Compaq-

do you have a membership or know of anyone who does? they have some very nice deals both online and in store.

are you on dial up? if so, maybe the slower connection is timing out.

I have a dell desktop because hubby gets a deal thru work but in all honesty, I would not buy it again. the aggravation on ordering one built for me was not worth the time.

get one prebuilt if you can and some local stores are selling Dell if you are set on it. are you getting vista or xp?

and if you see something in an ad, see if you other stores will match.

personally I would go for a lap top as they are more versitile and a hole lot cheaper than they used to be.

Jan Scholl said...

membership to Costco or Sam's as I forgot to add that.

Cat said...

I'll second the "stay away from Compaq"... I have a Dell (it's 5 years old!) and LOVE it. I've been really happy with Dell and have bought multiple systems for/with friends over the last 5 years, but have heard recently of problems with customer service. Have you tried talking with a supervisor? They can do whatever they want over the phone, but it takes a supervisor to approve it - so start at the top.

Sorry - i don't have any other recommendation.

Pat S. said...

RE the trouble you are having on their web site...

are you using Internet Explorer as your browser? I had a similar problem on another site, and the problem turned out to be IE.

Try accessing their site with a different browser, like Firefox (you can download Firefox for free if you don't have it: )

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