Sunday, May 20, 2007

Car update

I found out "officially" on Wednesday that my car is totaled and the insurance company only gives you five days from the date of "discussion" to get out of the rental. That technically means I am supposed to be out of the rental tomorrow- however, the end of the school year is chaotic enough without trying to find a car so I think I'm just going to pay for the rental until school is out and can head back up to Indiana to car shop. It will basically take the place of my car payment (actually a little less). I HATE car shopping!!! I spent all day yesterday listening to salesmen and testdrove three cars but figuring out the right car to get is a HUGE decision and I'm not keen on rushing into it. So, after a few tears and some phone moments with mom the waiting is the solution we came up with. This week is going to be completely crazy. This is the last week of school with the kids which means we have all the end of the year stuff to come up with. UGH! Paperwork, report cards, assessments, checkout- makes me twitch just thinking about it!!! :) Plus, I took a half day off in the morning so I could go to the chiropractor (since mine is back in town) and then will have a meeting until 5:30 and a cookout for some friends of mine at 6:30. Tuesday is field day at school, Wednesday is a "normal" day and another meeting until 5:30, Thursday, is the last full day of school (which means the last time I see a lot of my students) and I have meeting for my Romania trip that night and Friday is the last official day (but then we go back for two days after Memorial Day). CRAZY week ahead but then it should calm down! In case I don't post much this week you will know why. I did receive my Bellas and played with one this weekend so I'll try to upload that sometime this week! Have a great Monday!

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