Saturday, March 31, 2007

Super Saturday!

Today was was what I would call a "super Saturday". It was a busy day- starting at 4:00 am when I got up. Yes, 4 a.m. on a Saturday. I'm a Kindergarten teacher and the county that I teach for has what is called the "Teacher Depot" every few months. Today was the last one for the year and I got up at 4. I left about 4:50 to go because they usually have a line by 5. I got there a few minutes after 5 and noone was there! That meant I was first in line which is always good. They open the door at 7 and you go through the first room and take unlimited items. I was able to get about 20 copies each of three different books which is going to be used for our Kindergarten Round-Up on Tuesday. At 8 they open the back part to about 35 people at a time. They set this up about 7 years ago because they knew teachers spent a lot of money out of their own pocketbook so they were able to get businesses to donate items and collected donations throughout the community. They have given away over 1.3 million dollars worth of supplies. I probably got about 250 dollars worth of items today alone (not including all of my other trips).

Let's see, I also got my coasters from an order off of Dianna (SewCrafty) on SCS. I ordered 50 coasters of 4 different sizes/weights/shapes and now I'm planning a "play day" this coming Friday (since there's no school).

One last thing, I grew up in Ohio and have been an Ohio State fan for as long as I can remember and now Ohio State is going to the National Championship. As I was typing this watching the game they WON!!! WOOHOO!!! Go Bucks! Now, the next game to find out who they play- Florida or UCLA????

Also- I'm a new blogger but I have been reading blogs for quite a while and while I definitely don't have the readership or subscriptions (that I know of- I'm assuming that I would get a message saying someone had subscribed) I will be watching my counter. When I reach 200 posts I will be offering some blog candy. I will be putting a link into my signature at SCS so that you will know. I've been so surprised to have the number of views that I already have.

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Heather said...

How exciting that you got some supplies for your classroom! You are truly dedicated to have woken up so early!

My blog is blogger like yours and I love watching the counter go up. This morning I even added that Feedblitz thing so I can see if anyone ever subscribes to my blog (I can dream!)

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