Thursday, March 22, 2007

Heading Home!

I have been visiting my parents in Indiana these last few days (okay, since last Friday). I planned to head home yesterday but a friend of mine from college wanted to get together so I could meet his wife and little boy. However, it doesn't appear that's going to happen since I have yet to hear from him. I'll be leaving in about a half an hour to head home to Tennessee. I have to be home in time to watch Ohio State play Univ. of TN. I live in Knoxville (UT) but spent about 1/2 of my growing up years in Ohio and am really an Ohio State fan! GO BUCKS!!! I'm looking forward to watching the game tonight- it's a late one though- glad I don't have school tomorrow. I'll try to upload a comp. book when I get home. I made a pretty one using the Delight in Life scrapping Kit. I am watching my food intake and turned it into a food journal and I have been pretty consistent in keeping up with it! Have a Tremendous Thursday everyone!

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