Monday, January 21, 2013

Don't Give Up, Keep On Going, Make Healthy Choices

And surprisingly these are all my "titles" of cards ;)  Honestly, I have some cards made but I just haven't taken the time to blog them.  I like blogging, I really do, but some days I just want to put the pictures up with minimal words so, for now, since I am spending most of my time blogging HERE I am going to do a multiple picture post with minimal words :)  To be frank, the cards are speaking of where I am so that's what I make :) 

Stamp: Your Next Stamp- Elle loves to Jog
Ink- black, copic markers
Paper- kraft, cherry, cherry chevron, sugar (a*muse)
Accessories- die from amuse

 Stamps- Sweet Stamp Shop
Ink- navy (a*muse), black, copic markers
Paper- navy, sugar, navy chevron

Stamp- Sweet Stamp Shop
Ink- black, copic marker
Paper- cobalt, buttercup, buttercup gingham, sugar (amuse)
Accessories- papaya sheer ribbon, navy button (amuse)


Seleise said...

cute, cute cards!!! Keep after your goals!

Tami said...

Thanks Seleise (sometimes I feel guilty not using all a*muse but these just fit perfectly in those goals of mine that I HAVE to) :)

Kristen said...

Great cards and your other blog may be just what I need ATM. Or at least when I get over this woman cold/flu thingy! Thanks for linking!

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