Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Frugal Crafting 1

I have thought throughout the day how I am going to do these tips and tricks to be a frugal crafter and have decided that I am going to list the tips and then at the end of the post I will make a list of the ladies who shared their fabulous tips! (I put my comments in red)

-keep packaging from my purchases and reuse the boxes also the twine/ribbon to use on my projectsLink

-I keep all my pattern paper and cardstock scraps and go to those first when I want to die cut a shape. No piece is too small, you never know when you need to punch a 1/4" circle

-Choosing one company for my inks & cardstock (and most of my dp & ribbon) My suggestion of course is a*muse|studio. There are so many companies with lovely papers & inks - but I just can't afford them all, nor do I have space to store them all. Though I have made an exception for black - I have quite a few black ink pads! In keeping with the above, I also limit the number of stamp companies I buy from. There are just SOOOOOOOOO many wonderful, wonderful stamps out there. I want them all! Anyway, I have found that limiting myself to wishlists & purchases from no more than 6 really helps keep my spending under control and closer to my budget.

* Get your inspiration from the internet rather than trips to the's a lot cheaper! (I visit SCS)

* Do not succumb to the temptation of the craft store coupon. When you enter the store, you will be lured into buying things you don't need!

* Ribbon shares and paper shares are a great way to get a sampling of a product without needing to have a huge quantity. (a|s has fabulous ribbon- simply gorgeous! I would LOVE to do a ribbon share/baker's twine share/or a paper share- if you are interested either comment here or send me an email and I will gladly set that up)

-I think being organized is a great way to be frugal.....not that I speak from experience LOL....but when you keep things organized you are less likely to buy doubles or unnecessary items.....THAT part is from experience . (Ummm... yeah, I have done this too!)

This ribbon came from a roll of ribbon from a*muse|studio- I LOVE this satin ribbon- it's so easy to work with. The satin ribbon comes in a multitude of colors. I also look for versatile sentiment sets- this one- Contemporary Greetings from a|s has a LOT of versatility to it and can fit with lots of occasions. More bang for my buck! Don't forget to let me hear your frugal tips...

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