Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to be a frugal crafter...

in tough economic times. Things are tight- recent unemployment rates (especially in the southeast) are extremely high but one thing I know from being in these tight times (as well as what I have learned in the past) is that everyone has to have an outlet. For my dad- it's cycling and reading. My sister's is running. My mom's...well, she likes to play games on the phone and watch tv (and recently walking). Me? I like to zumba (but haven't been able to for about 4 months (1 due to end of school stuff and 3 due to bad back) and stamp. The thing is- most hobbies are not cheap and therefore can "test" the money part of life.

I am participating in Faith United Methodist Church's Ladies Night on September 15. This will be the third year for this event and the first year I am participating as a vendor. I am going with a dual purpose: One- to try to build my a*muse|studio business. Things are going well but I would LOVE a little more income to help with traveling and Christmas. Two- to sell some cards and spread the love of my hobby. One thing I used to hear over and over was, "You must save so much money making your own cards." That made me laugh! I started this craft in 2005 (after 4 years of scrapbooking) and can't imagine the $$ spent on this craft. However, along the way I have picked up some ideas to make this craft a bit more frugal. And, to help with this list- I asked some of my "nearest and dearest friends" over at SCS (and the a|s Lounge) to share their tips to be a frugal crafter. They shared lots of great ideas and I plan to share a few of them every day- my goal is to share a few daily. This post is going live on Saturday night. I am going to be away from my computer most of the day on Sunday but hopefully on Sunday night I will sit down and share a few per day (and then share a card that goes along with those tips). There were some GREAT ones! Please plan on stopping by and if you have any you would like to share I would LOVE to hear them!

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