Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Adventure

So, I alluded to it yesterday and decided to share the news today! I thought about it, and researched it, and thought about it some more and decided to take the plunge and become an a*muse studio consultant. You can check out the catalog here and order directly from the website or you can contact me directly to place your order. I am excited to see where this new venture will take me- if nothing else- great products and maybe a little extra money :) I hope that if you buy a*muse you choose to take that step through my blog and let me know about it! Thanks so much!

**The picture above is from my a*muse site and I am SOOOO looking forward to buying some buttons- so much so that I am considering a button share- let me know if you would be interested! I will hopefully receive my starter kit soon and will post a picture when it comes!

1 comment:

JenMarie said... excited for you!

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