Sunday, March 29, 2009

Short and Sweet and to the Point- Final Blog Candy (for now)

First, number chosen by was......  #1 (Chrissy).  YAY!  Now for a surprise, I decided to do a second one also- this one was .... #5 (Janice).  Janice, you won a nip tacky tape (red) and an egg full of primas, dew drops, and ribbon (if that sounds good to you) and another surprise which I'll contact you about.

Now- the big candy.  I have thought and thought about this and here's what I have decided.  You will have the CHOICE of: $15 product at Limelight (your choice), $15 gift certificate to ATS, Stampin' Bella, Unity, or any other stamping company of your choice (not SU) that does online gift certificates.  If you choose the LL product I will go ahead and order it (I have stuff I want/need from there anyway).  Since it's a bit bigger I'll leave this up until Friday night 4/2/09 around 9 p.m. EST.  What do you have to do to be entered into this candy? 

1. Leave me a comment.  I JUST got the Top Note die from SU.  I want to see your favorite card (yours or someone else's) that uses this die!  This is a MUST.  I really want to see these cards!  If you haven't seen them- check out the Splitcoast gallery and link them up (and show them love in the gallery too).

2. IF you have a blog- link this up and let me know in a separate comment and you'll get a second entry- if you don't have a blog- let someone know about it and then let me know in a separate comment (this can be on SCS, PCP, in an email, etc.)

3. I'm going to work VERY hard to have a post with a card daily this week- now that things are back to a routine at school I feel like I should be able to do this.  Leave a comment on posts throughout the week and on Friday night at 9 P.M. EST I'll print them all out and draw one out of the hat.  And, you never know- I may have another surprise.  I want all comments on the cards- if you see something you think would look better- let me know, I'll try it!  

So, does that sound good?  I hope so- pass the word along to your friends!


Chrissy said...

YEAH!! I just knew using my JenMarie alias would be lucky. Thanks so much Tami.......if anyone needs a card with that sentiment right now, its my DH. I'll make him one as soon as I get the stamp.
Thanks again Chickie!!

JenMarie said...


Leigh Anne said...

Hey Tami, here's a couple that I made (got them from Stacy)
of those I think the green one is my fave
and here's a pretty cool "simple" one

heres's one from my faves not sure if it's the top note here that does it for me though ;)
OH and I just added this one to faves

Janice M said...

Yeah! Thanks Tami!!

Here are a few things that I like made with the top note!

Carrie said...

Maybe if I mention Jen Marie that will bring me some luck too! ;) Here are a few cards that I love with the top note. I really really really want a top note.

Ok I went a little over board but I could seriously find a TON of cards and other things using the top note that I love.

Kathy H said...

Hey Tami!!! The top note is a great one to have!

Kathy H said...

I used the Top Note with the Upsy Daisy set the other day for a great grandpa card, you can find it here...third card down

misse336 said...

I think that this is my favorite card using the top note die:

One of my favorite projects using it is:

If I had the die I'd love to make some of the notebooks with matching pens as gifts.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

I am so glad to hear that things are back to a routine at school for you. Just stoppin' in to say hello at the moment.


Diane said...

Hi Tami! I don't have the top note die, but received some thru WRAK. I guess I didn't take any pics of cards I made using it, so I am looking in the gallery for some.

Here is one using it to make a cute little gift bag

a bag-a-lope using the top note die

Thanks for the chance Tami!

Chrissy said...

this is so cute.......and no surprise as to why its a favorite.....I love all things quilted! blog candy name is JenMarie.......:o)

JenMarie said...

Tami, such generous Blog Candy!

Anonymous said...

I love layout and hot pink and get tea very cute... but I and sucker for teapot lol hotwheels

Anonymous said...

Ho gril you need sale card I love what awsome color... and the flower looks so really... I love you work that need to a now home mine lol hotwheels on scs

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