Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just a Fun Post

I'm in the midst of a Fabulously Fit for Life "contest"/branching out to a new way of living and there's also a weight loss challenge going on over on the PIF thread and one of our tasks this week was to come up with three goals and put them in our face- where we can see them every day.  So, I decided if I was going to do this I was going to have fun with it.  For the next three posts I will have one of the things I made for my goals.  Here you go:

Weightwatchabella Goals:

These are my weight goals-

Paper- Riding Hood Red, Basic Gray, white
Ink- Prismacolor markers, black
Stamps- Weightwatchabella
Accessories- ribbon


Anita J. said...

That is cute! What a neat idea to do an artsy thing with your goals. I really like that. I should have done that with my five year goals. I'm at the four year mark and I have a LOT to do to catch up! Thankfully I did work on the Spanish up 'til now, so I don't have to cram as much for that. But as for the book and CD and promotional tour, I'm a little 'off'. Hee hee. By one book, one CD, and one promotional tour.

I hope you reach your goals. Do you already work out regularly?

Pam's Pride said...

That would be an awesome card for my mom!! She got second place in the weekly weigh in this week. She lost 4 oz and the winner lost 6 oz!! Everyone else must have gained!! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

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