Thursday, June 19, 2008

The "winners"

Okay- what I did was I printed out the comments to each post, cut them all apart and then put them into my small Pampered Chef batter bowl. I drew a name out for each one! So, here goes:

June 3- godchick (alana)
June 4- hobbywoman (Julie)
June 5- Kathy h
June 6- Kathy w
June 7- Regina
June 9- Alison (newstampinaddict)
June 10 Stephanie (Stampin cats)
June 12- Alison (newstampinaddict)
June 13- kathy h
June 16 card 1- kathy w
June 16 card 2=Bunnyb
June 17- Bunny B
June 18- Stampin Cats (stephanie)

Those of you on the pif list (Julie, Alana, kathy h, Alison, Stephanie)- I have your addy. The rest of you will need to email me at zephan3.17 at (and I'll go try to get a hold of you too) by Saturday morning. I'm leaving Monday and will need to get these addressed and sent out! You are going to get a variety of things from patterned paper (scraps for paper piecing and some card sizes), ATC's and cards from swaps and such (good for passing on), ribbon, and who knows what else. I have a HUGE box of stamping/scrapbooking stuff that I can pass on. Thanks for commenting and keep checking back next week while I'm gone because you'll be able to read current posts and comment for some Romanian candy when I come back! Yummy stuff!


Bunny B said...

Woohoo! Will be shooting you an email soon :) Thank you SO much!

Kathy H said...

Thanks for all the fun and inspiration...Have a great trip!!!

Regina said...

Hello Tami

today I come back from holiday and am quite happy that I have won with you. I hope that I am not late.

Godchick said...

Tami! I got your package in the mail yesterday....I hadn't even realized I'd won! What great timing too, I was having a PMS kind of really brightened my day! Thanks!!!

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