Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm doing better

Okay, after my little rant the other day I am doing better. I have decided to completely change some things. I am setting a time limit of 45 minutes after school to stay. Today I had a meeting that got out at 4:15 and I left my room at 5 (I did stay until 5:30 talking some things with my principal). I'm also having my TA grade my homework which takes a bit off of me and then I am collecting their daily work and stapling it together at the end of the day which should mean less grading on the weekend. On top of that I have a Teacher's Record Book (aka attendance/grade book) that I am recording the grades in so that makes it easier to transfer to my computer grade book. It's a bit more streamlined and worked yesterday. As soon as I begin uploading the card I'm going to work on bubbling in some scan sheets for a math test that has to be turned in tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for all of the encouragement! I'm also planning on a special project for the weekend. I actually am hoping to get it done on Thursday!

Paper: Cool Caribbean, Close to Cocoa, whisper white
ink: Black, prismas, close to cocoa
stamps barbella
accessories: cuttlebug (background was from a friend)

I used the close to cocoa and sponged it over the words to make them stand out. This is another one for a workout buddy!

1 comment:

malieta said...

Great card Tami and I am glad that you are feeling better today!

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