Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Quick Update

Okay, just a quick update to let you know where the goodies stand. My three winners- your boxes are packed and only need to be taped up and addressed (I kept finding things to add). Yours will go out tomorrow (Wed.) or Thursday. It all depends on when I can make it to the post office. My parents will be leaving tomorrow but I have to go to the chiropractor and still have quite a bit of packing and unpacking to do. I'm hoping to make it there tomorrow but we shall see. Those of you receiving envelopes- I have most of them packed and I'm in the process of addressing them- that's a lot of addresses. I hope to get these out this weekend- however, I may have to wait until next Wednesday (which is payday). Hopefully that's okay with everyone- if not just email me and I'll try to get yours out quicker. As I was addressing them I realized how thick they were and realized they were going to cost a little bit more than originally planned (but that's okay because I got rid of lots of stuff). I would like to take them to the post office all at once but again, if you need it sooner email me. Just think though- the longer it takes me to mail them the more stuff I find and that means more stuff to give away! Heehee!! Have a great day and I'll have another project to post tomorrow.


doverdi said...

I'm one of the lucky one's who emailed you in time to receive an envie. Your generosity is amazing and much appreciated. Please don't worry about when your able to send them out. Since it's my b'day at the end of July, it'll be like getting a b'day present. I'm just excited that I got in on your generosity. Thank you so very much.

malieta said...

Hi Tamijo!
Weither I won or not, I just want to say that your kindness is beyond measure.You are truly a beautiful person and God Bless you for your generosity.

Elaine said...

Congrats to the winners of the clean up!!

Cathy said...

No problem here! You are so sweet to do this for so many stampers. You can hold mine until the next couple of pay days. It will be exciting and fun whenever it gets here. So please no rush here.

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