Friday, July 20, 2007

Made my day!

When you're sick nothing can make the day better than being told that "you rock". Malieta over at Life's Simple Pleasures nominated me as a rockin girl blogger! Now, to identify 5 more. I might have to come back and edit the post with those!

Well, I was going to edit this to add the five and I decided to be different- I have so many blogs that I need to transfer to my blog roll list but there are several to the right that have not been "nominated" and yet I stalk their blogs daily.

Toni at Stamping Diva- she makes these Scramper Sacks that I will have to find room in my budget to buy. They are really cool looking
Heather at Stamping the Details- she lives in the same town as I (for now) and I had the chance to meet her and her little girl- fun people!
Tami M. at Broken 4 Him- more of a personal blog but very inspirational- she has come through some amazingly tough times and is all the better for it.
Of course Em at Stamping Bella- I just "likey" her bellas. There are several that are going on my list. I need to make a cart and every few months place an order (thank goodness for the Wish RAK forum at SCS that keeps me well supplied until I can do so)
Misti at Misti Stamps for Fun- so many great tutorials

and then there's the rest that I didn't name- the rest of them are rockin girl bloggers too (except for jason!) so check out their blogs!


jodene said...

You are deserving!!

malieta said...

Thank you Tamijo!
You deserve it:)

Tami said...

Aww. Thanks for the kind comments :-) I needed them at the exact moment I read them!!
Also, congrats! You definatly deserve it!
God Bless!!

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