Monday, July 9, 2007

Just a thought

In the midst of all my packing and cleaning I found a box that had a bunch of scrapbook "stuff" in it. In that stuff I found a bunch of quotes and I found this one that I wrote down and it just really stood out to me today. It's from Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter) and it's from the book Why? Trusting God when You Don't Understand.

"During the times when you and I can't trace God's hand of purpose, we must trust His heart of love. When we don't understand why, we must trust Him because God cares for us more than we can possibly know."

The only part of this season in my life that this "fits" is my changing grades. I don't understand why but I know that He is trustworthy and has proven himself to be faithful over and over again. So, to those of you who are down and discouraged- keep holding on and hanging in there. When I wrote this quote I had probably just gotten out of a relationship that was not the best thing for me yet the end of it still hurt- I look back now and know that I am where I am right now because of that time in my life. I am single and I don't know that I will ever be anything but single. However, I am okay with that- it's something I have had to let go (and continue to let go of) and trust that He knows what He is doing because I sure don't! Okay, I'll step off my soapbox now- have a great day and only a couple more days to enter for travel snacks. We are almost to 40 hits- and believe me I keep finding more stuff- so much so that I might have a couple of surprises up my sleeve!


Kristina Lewis said...

One of the things I like to pray is the Divine Mercy Chaplet and at the end I say "Jesus I trust in you" on each of the beads. It really reminds me that I do need to let go and know that He is opening the doors that need to be opened and closing the doors that need to closed. I don't know if I'm making sense, but it makes me feel peaceful inside.

malieta said...

Your post really touched me. I know that all of us go through some "trying times" but there is a reason and a lesson to be learned from them.
I like coming here just to read what you have to say. Take care now and have a wonderful day! :)

Donna B. said...

that's a great quote. You are very mature; it seems you have been through some tough times but you have no idea what God is working on with your life...could be something you totally don't expect! Expect the unexpected because it's true He always knows what we need when we don't.

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