Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 3 of VBS (Thursday)

I'm back! So sorry it is taking so long to get these posts up to date. I'm going to try to share a project I did tomorrow (taking a break from the trip stories). I just haven't had a chance to share a lot of projects because I have traveled so much of June that I didn't get much of an opportunity to make anything. I will have a busy month of July because I have to move my classroom at school and I am moving by the end of the month. A friend from church told me about a lady at church who has a private apartment for rent. I can start moving stuff from the 16th on. I'm really excited about it- it's a smaller space but definitely will provide the privacy!

Okay, now on with the story- when we last left off we had finished day 2 and we saw the principal becoming involved in the VBS. Thursday was our last day in Romania and our last day of VBS. We had it set up a bit different in that everyone was coming in the morning and we were doing our normal program and then we were having a carnival and cookout with them. We decided to split the kids a little bit differently on this day. We didn't want 1st and 2nd graders in with the 6th and 7th graders so I took 1st and 2nd graders. I stayed in the room and they brought them to me. As I was standing at the doorway they just kept coming in- pouring in through the doorway. When it was all said and done I had 55- yes, 55- 1st and 2nd graders. We got through our morning with the help of the clowns, the puppets, and the songs (ran out of time for the games) and we made the salvation bracelets where each color bead stands for something. We made the trip across the street to the high school where we had the carnival games as well as the hot dogs (which were quite interesting). While the kids were eating the principal got up and talked to us (through a translator) just thanking us for coming and telling us, in front of the kids, that she wanted us to come back next year (and to come when there were no exams) and work with them again. I was just blown away by all she was saying because this was the same woman who didn't want us to come at all. After the kids left she then read letters that the kids had written to us. We only got through three of them because the third caused us all to cry so we had to stop for a while. The third letter was from a young girl who was an orphan at 13 years old. She basically lives on the street but her attitude was amazing. She talked about how she was so glad that we took time to come from America to come and teach them about God and share with them. She said she knew pain and suffering in her short life but that she knew where her true strength came from.

One thing that made the day for me was when the principal came and handed me a bag. I opened it up and there was a letter inside of it that I had to get translated. It was a letter written to me from one of the girls who had been in my class the first two days. She wrote that she was glad that I came and talked to them about God. She enjoyed coming to the room every day and the prizes and the games. She then apologized for writing it in Romanian and not being able to communicate in English because her English wasn't that Good. Inside the bag was a doll on a bed of a bath "pouf". The significant thing about this was that it was not one of the prizes (our prize lady assured me of this). When that was mentioned someone else told me that meant that was a doll that was very special to her and she wanted to share it with me because of how much I meant to her. So, of course i cried again!

After the VBS was over we went to REAL- Romania's version of SuperWalMart. AFter we were done there we went to Bethany and got ready for their Thursday night service. We were all a little tired so we had a hard time keeping our eyes opened so the choir had a good laugh at us! AFter church we headed back to the Bistra for our last meal there.

Our trip was definitely uneventful (compared to our trip there) so stay tuned for the final posts about the trip! Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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