Saturday, March 3, 2012


Life has thrown me a curveball this week- actually several times this school year so far. I have been relatively healthy these last few years- my biggest issues have been my kidney stones and thankfully I haven't had as many issues with them lately. However, this school year started with the back problems- I got that worked out and ended up with a viral infection in December that extended until Christmas with coughing and just rundown feelings. In January, I had laryngitis for two days (kind of hard being a teacher and having no voice) and then February ended with me just not feeling well- sore throat, congestion, exhaustion, etc until yesterday when I finally conceded defeat and realized I wasn't going to kick this one on my own. I had such a headache yesterday I couldn't stand it- it was only my left side and my whole left cheekbone was so sore that to barely touch it sent pain through me. I gave in and headed to the doctor this morning (Saturday). He confirmed what I thought with a sinus infection (and then on top of that I had to go to 4 different pharmacies to find one of my prescriptions- which was WAY too expensive). So, antibiotics have been started and hopefully I can kick this thing out of my system before spring break (9 school days- woohoo) so I can enjoy my vacation.

My card today was one I made for the Card Positioning Systems anniversary celebration. I LOVE this set by Sweet n Sassy Stamps called Let Go and Let God- what a fabulous reminder.

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