Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!

This is another one that I think I MAY have shared before but I wanted to share it again (and be sure to read all the way through for a fun crafty giveaway).

Stamps- A very merry unbirthday
Paper- Cherry, buttercup polka dot, sugar
Ink- cherry
Accessories- cherry twine and buttercup button

Okay- and now the giveaway (actually 2)- I just ordered a bag of French Roast buttons and now have another bag (from a set I ordered) on it's way. I would love to gift some of these buttons (of all sizes) to some of my crafty friends. If you are interested please just comment here by Sunday, October 23 at noon. Pass the word along :)

Giveaway #2: I have a Facebook page for my business- you can check it out HERE a|s had a WCMD promotion for a pack of 10 notecards. These are blank notecards and can be embellished or just written in as a blank card. The colors are gorgeous and are all different colors. My second giveaway will be on my FB page. All you need to do is like my FB page and spread the word. For each person that writes and says you referred them then you get an extra entry. If I make it to 40 likes (which is 16 likes from where I am now) I will add in a ribbon grab bag. thanks for your support!


Sue D said...

Great card--looks like it would be easy to make up at the last minute.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

Erin said...

Cute card idea! I like the buttons :-)

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