Friday, May 20, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner :)

Okay- this week ended up being totally crazy and I finally went to to figure out who won the catalog- and the winner is:

~Stacy said...

Ooh the idea that there is a paper catalog is COOL! ( I keep meaning to check the site and get sidetracked on facebook...)

May 18, 2011 1:25 AM

Thanks Stacy- and if anyone is interested in the catalog and more just let me know via email (to the right), facebook, or comment here and I will get the info to you. I am actually ordering a box tonight and will have them here probably shortly after Memorial Day if all goes well (they are shipping from across the country). :)


~Stacy said...

(insert a fainting smiley here)

Ha, I wow, Thanks Tami!!

~Stacy said...

It came it came! thanks so much, love the buttons too :)

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