Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another HM card and sick again!

Well, here's another HM card I made. This one is for a friend of mine who collects Smiley Faces. I think this card looks like the WM smiley. I'm not a big YoYo Yellow fan but I love it when it's paired with black.

Stamps: House Mouse Morning Kickstart, Itty Bitty Backgrounds, Tiny Talk
Paper: white, Basic Black, YoYo Yellow
Ink: Black, prismacolor markers, prismacolor pencils
Accessories: NONE!

On the other note- I am sick again. Two weeks ago I had the flu but they caught it early enough that I didn't really have too many symptoms from it. However, yesterday I woke with my chest feeling tight and a horrific cough. By the time I got home last night I was running a 100.7 temp so I obviously didn't go to school today. I went to the dr. because I wanted to see what was wrong (thinking maybe bronchitis) but he said that they are seeing some secondary infections coming in from people who had the upper respiratory flu (what I had). When I was there I didn't have a temp- it was the normal 98.6 well, now it's up to 102 and climbing. I'll be keeping an eye on it. I had already taken tomorrow off to go to the "fun" dr. but had to cancel that because I was pretty sure they didn't want any "sickies" in the office where there babies and pregnant women. I was right so that's rescheduled for April. Now, hopefully I'll get to keep that appt. I have been sleeping on and off and also coloring in lots of the pif images I have snagged- that's been fun. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow so that I can stamp the ones that need to go out on Friday. We'll see. Thanks for looking and have a great day!


Heather said...

I'm so sorry you are sick. Figures you get sick AFTER the sick days. I like the card that you made- love that spotted background.

Tami said...

Cute card :-)
Hope you feel better soon.
I had the same thing you have - and have yet to get over it. It's going on 2 weeks. I don't feel as bad as I did, but still have a cough that just takes over for a day, then goes away, then comes back again. It doesn't make any sense!
Anyway - hang in there and hope you feel better soon!

Stampin Cats said...

I love the card. I have to get this stamp or I'll have to keep anagging it. lol

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