Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick Question

I am looking at purchasing an ipod (probably just the shuffle) to take to the gym with me so that I have something to listen to that will motivate me.  I'm looking to download some songs either way so that I can get a good start (if nothing else I can use them on the laptop when I'm doing the elliptical) at home.  I was just wondering if you all had some good workout tunes.  I have a good list started but am looking to add to it.  Please let me know what some of your faves that get you up and moving are! 


Nancy Grant said...

I wish I had some advice here but I'm more of a classical type. Sorry.

Little One said...

Anything in the top 40 songs always keep me going! I would check out and look under music downloads. There they have the top 100 downloads that you can listen to.


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