Saturday, December 1, 2007

PIF thread on SCS

I have been spending a good bit of time (in between stamping) over at a new thread on SCS. It's located in the Announcements forum and it's a PIF thread for stamped images. It's not part of the WRAK forum and right now- I like it a bit better so I hope it sticks around. I like WRAK but it's hit or miss. With this thread someone lists their sets they will stamp images of and when someone grabs it they then post their list. I have several bellas plus some SU and CTMH images on their way to me so that I can play with them. The best part is that since I don't have to wait to see if someone is going to grant my wish (which is WRAK) then I can count on having them for Christmas presents. Anyway, here's the link to PIF with Stamped Images Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Little One said...

Thanks for the link! I used to be part of a Yahoo! Group that did PIF's and LOVED IT! I always wanted to do it again, but never could find something like it. I am off to check it out. See you there~

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