Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two winners!

Nancy receives the RAK because she was the first (after Heather who said to pass it on) to post. And, since Heather and Nancy were my only two posters they are both going to receive a envelope of images. Heather and Nancy- I need to know if you want MFT or Bellas or a mixture of both. The MFT that I have: Think Pink, How Sweet, the jungle one, the new seashore one and if you want to wait I can get you Hot Stuff (it's on the way). Bellas: clickabella, javabella, globetrottabella, teachabella, pmsabella, barbella, plus I have two or three sentiments. Just email me at and let me know.


Heather said...

Wow- I am so excited! I am e-mailing you now.

Little One said...

DARN~~~ I have been substitute teaching all week and have been totally beat all week. This is the first I have been on the computer all week. Sad, huh? LOL I don't have any bellas and would have loved them. Congrats to the winners! Guess it teaches me to atleast check my email at night before crashing at 6pm :D


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