Saturday, August 25, 2007

Okay- it's Travel Snacks time (#1)

Okay- I'll post a pic later because, quite honestly, I'm a bit too lazy right now to post a pic. However, it is travel snacks time and to have a chance just post a comment. You can comment on anything or if you have a ribbon storage solution let me know. I have WAY too much ribbon! The candy will include a couple of Studio G clear stamp sets, some ribbon (since I have so much of it), various embellishments (button, eyelets, and brads, and ...???? I'll probably throw some other things in the mix. Just comment on this post! Deadline to comment will be Monday evening at 9:00 (not too long of a time!).


Little One said...

I acutally use some sterilite baskets from Walmart, line up my spools of ribbon and push them thru the holes in the sides of the plastic baskets. Any ribbon I have that is loose and not on spools I have in really fun looking photo boxes so they look good in my room and not messy where everyone can see them :D

Hope you find a good solution for you.

NancyS (momsnack) said...

I don't use anything fancy for ribbon storage - just photo boxes - I have to use covered storage as my work space is in a sunroom and I have to be worried about fading from all the light!
NancyS (momsnack)

Elaine said...

Hmmm... Ihave a lot of ribbon too. All of it does not fit into one storage solution so I have these in place:

a trapeeze system - this was used when I actually stamped in my stamp it is just a holding/storage room. There is no longer room to stamp in there :(
Cup hooks attached to ceiling, silver cord holds the first trapeeze bar full of ribbon, then hanging from that bar by more cord, is a 2nd dowel of ribbon....there are a total of 6 dowels in the stamping room.

Then there are the little snap-together boxes that I bought at Target, sold to other people and realized I had to now buy back from someone else on Ebay at an incredibly inflated rate!

Next are the boxes at Michaels that when empty, they give you for free! They hold the 1.99 ribbons just perfectly!

Last, big mason jars of ribbon by color family for bits n pieces/ends or by mfr i.e. American Crafts - I love those ribbons!

UK MUM IN USA said...

Hi if you check my blog you will see what my dh made me for my ribbon it cost less than $2 to make and it works just perfectly for me and I can hold loads of ribbon on it.

iteach said...

I teach as well, but my kids are just bigger 1st graders. They just happen to be in my 7th and 8th grade English classes!!!

As for ribbon, what is it with us hording ribbon? I have 4 6 ft. long curtain rods (expandable but round like dowel rods) hanging on my craft room wall. They just sit on long wire hangers that fit into a pegboard. It is easy to find what I want since I have them put together by color or pattern. I just take the straight pin out of the ribbon, measure off what I need, and I am ready to go.

Ijsbeer said...

If I ever get enough ribbon and can affoard it I am saving up to buy an ribbon organizer from this site: They have awesome organizers for stamps, ribbons and inkpads:)

Good luck with finding something that works!

Cathy said...

Wow travel snack #1, looks real yummy and fun. Using rods and hanging them up helps and use straight pins to keep them closed. This way the rods turns. You can keep them on the spool and put them in a door and you can see the ribbon. Thanks for a chance.

Melanie aka Batgirl said...

Great idea! love Ribbon too! I keep some in jars and some on a spool I got from Ikea its really for a long rool of paper. It works ok.. I have never found something I love for my ribbon yet :P

Pat S. said...

Hi Tami!
Congratulations on 100 posts!
And thanks for offering travel snacks :)

I store ribbon, on the spool it comes on, in those cardboard photo boxes from Michael's. I have a separate box for each color group. The spools set up on their side, so it's real easy to see what I have. Hope that helps :)

Suzy said...

I am really into wrapping ribbon around vintage wooden spools and putting them in large candy jars I get at Wal-Mart. Looks so lovely and its handy too.

Adrian said...

I lucked out! At the Scrapbook Expo last year, they were having a fabulous sale at All My Memories. They had two beautiful white leather ribbon holders for $15 (not $15 each, that's for BOTH!). They are about the size and shape of a shoebox with holes in the sides for about 8-10 spools of ribbon. I am looking for a new home for my SU ones if anyone is looking for some. I'll be happy to work a trade with you.

Linda SS said...

I used to do the long dowel with a line-up of ribbons, but I'm in the process of switching to winding all my ribbons on wooden clothespins. They don't take up as much room now.

malieta said...

I don't use anything fancy to store my ribbons either. I use a box to keep all of my ribbons together. I suppose if you wanted something fancy, I think Stamping Up has a special "doo-dad" for ribbons. (me thinking out loud;)

Heather Leech said...

Organizing my ribbon is still one of my biggest challenges! I have a 3 dowel stand that my hubby made for me that stores a bunch of my non SU stuff on spools. I have the ribbon storage units from the SU cattie, but I find them a bit frustrating when they are close to being full. But I use them for my SU ribbon on spools. The hardest thing is the bits and pieces not on spools. I've tried the storage drawers from Cropper Hopper (I think) that have ribbon cards that fit. The problem is that I already have a bunch and need more - and they get to be a bit costly. So I'm thinking of just making my own larger ribbon cards and using photo storage boxes...we'll see. I'm interested in everyone elses' suggestions!
Heather L.

Laura W said...

Howdy! I actually just use a curtain rod that I found at Ikea. Unconventional, but totally works for me and I love it! :) (email me if you want any more info, snootiebunz at Thanks!

foodpartyfun said...

Some of these ideas may have been already suggested. Curtain rods or dowel rods placed on curtain rod brackets work well if you have the wall space to mount them. Photo boxes or shoe boxes with holes punched along the long sides to allow the ribbon to be pulled out with the lids on. Plasic rain gutter works great place on a shelf or mounted on the wall. Thanks for sharing.


Aunt T said...

I also am searching for a ribbon storage solution! I am thinking of having my husband build me some kind of wall rack with dowels that will fit through the spool holes. The problem is I don't know if I have enough wall space for all of the ribbon :)


Anonymous said...

I use the basket system too but not as smart to push ribbon through the holes as little one!
~stephanie sbs81

Pat S. said...

Hi Tami!
Congratulations on 100 posts!
And thanks for offering travel snacks :)

I store ribbon, on the spool it comes on, in those cardboard photo boxes from Michael's.

I have a separate box for each color group. The color of the box matches the color of the ribbon.

The spools set up on their side, so it's real easy to see what I have. Hope that helps :)

janet allen said...

Most of my ribbons are tucked away in a big sweater box under my bed. But I always cut off a couple feet from each one to keep handy. Those are in a wicker basket in my craft room.

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