Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I know, I know I said I was done for the night

ETA: I have 5 pm's! So anymore pm's go in the "wait and see" pile. However if you look under Linda Palmer's name you will see my email addy (apparently I hid it well!). I have only received 2 emails!

However, I figured you would want to know the winners. So, I'm announcing them and heading to bed. I'm exhausted- between unpacking my classroom and packing my apt. I have had no "me" time. So, I'm heading into school tomorrow with a purpose and a plan to leave by noon and come home and have some of that "me" time- I hope it happens! I will edit the post tomorrow with the quotes from the winners and I will print out at school tomorrow the comments so that I can compile them. I have enjoyed reading how you all stay motivated and find inspiration. I also found some new blogs (maybe that's why I haven't stamped in days!).

The winner of the scrapbooking snacks is #20 which is Pat- foodpartyfun
The winner of the card snacks is #32- Gina Wrona
The winner of the subscriptions bag is: Linda Palmer

So, if you will email me! with your mailing address I will get those out to you. We had 40 comments (even though Kristina commented twice-hehe) so that means 4 extra handfuls of "stuff" in each one. So, that means you will need to give me a few days to get the boxes and get them all packed up with all the "goodies".

Now, for the surprise. I am continuing to uncover more and more stuff (I mentioned I am a hoarder). The first 5 people to email me their address will get an envelope full. But wait, there's more!!! The first 5 people to pm me at SCS (tamijo) will also get an envelope full. There could be embellishments, scrapbooking materials, stamps that I buy and never use, there are some 6 x 6 scrapbook papers as well as some 8 x 8 and some more of the 8 x 8 scrapbooks. I have all kinds of stuff and right now it's sitting in a box just waiting to be packed (this is on top of the other stuff I have already been setting aside). So, that's 10 people. After I get those 10 envies out I will reevaluate and see what other "stuff" I have. Also, I would like those of you who have already won travel snacks with this go around to let the others have a chance. I will post as soon as I have heard from 10 people. I will reply to each email and pm letting you know where you stand. Once I hit 5 I'll let you know in an email. Thanks again for taking time out of your busy day to visit and comment! Have a great one!


Chunkie Chick said...

Hmm, I'm might could be bribed to turn loose of some of my chocolate chip ribbon if you have anything I'd be interested in. Lynnie

Gina Wrona said...

Wow, I won! Thank you so very much!

Cat said...

I can't believe there's any way I could be one of the five, but I'll try it anyways :)

CAKVD said...

Hello! I tried to email you, but I couldn't figure out your email address. The 3.17 screwed me up!

malieta said...

did I make it in time?

malieta said...

I tried to e-mail you with the link provided,but can't get through to you. :(

Nancy Grant said...

Oh thank you - thank you!

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