Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Mail!

I arrived home yesterday about 5:00 after being gone for a week to some happy mail! I LOVE happy mail- it's a welcome change from the credit card offers, the bills, and the junk! My birthday was this past Sunday and I received 2 bloggers only BRAK (from SCS). The first is from Donna Baker and her birthday was also June 3! How cool is that? I feel so bad that I haven't been able to get any cards out but I haven't been home long enough to put some together. Donna's card is so bright and cheery- I love bright colors! The flowers stamped inside the outline flower look pink but they aren't- they are purple. Donna's blog is a lot of fun to visit- check it out!

The other card is from Deb Albright (the crafty turtle). This is just a fun card love the wa she made the stripes with the strips of paper- I don't have the patience for that! Visit Out of the Shell and take a peek at her blog candy she is giving away.

I have been busy, busy, busy today getting the last minute stuff taken care of for Romaina- and I'm not done yet. Hopefully I can get the running done tomorrow and then spend next week packing (and unpacking and repacking). I'm also going to a cookout on Saturday- fun stuff!


Corie said...

Love your BLOG. Especially like the fudgesicle page. It reminds me of when my boys were small.

Donna B. said...

glad I made your day with Happy mail! Everyone deserves it once in a while and you're no exception. Glad things are getting back to normal & you have a new car & now summer break is here for you! Hope you had a nice birthday fellow June baby!

Rochelle W said...

What great cards to get.

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