Monday, May 7, 2007

One down and one to go!

I have my mom's Mother's Day project done and will hopefully post pictures tomorrow (my mom doesn't have my blog addy yet so I can share and she won't see). I made a scrapbook for her but I didn't go as in depth as I normally do. I also made it 8 x 8 so I didn't have as much room as I normally do. I like it because I love the subject (my nephew) and I know she will like it so that's what's important. Tomorrow I have to start my sister's- nothing like waiting until the last minute. My sister is going to get a 6 x 6 book. I'm using the same pictures but different pages and layouts.

On another note- have you checked out the Martha Stewart line at Michael's? I went on Friday and looked at it after reading several viewpoints on SCS and different blogs. I ended up getting a small scallop circle punch and some piped nylon ribbon (gorgeous). I have to say the punch is a small handheld one but it punches sooooo smoothly. I used it on a couple of the scrapbook pages so I'll post one of them for sure. Have an Terrific Tuesday!! (even though it's Monday now).


Heather said...

I was eager to see the Martha stuff but I wasn't bowled over with delight. I did like the punches- especially the spiky floral one. But some of the patterns and craft ideas were not to my taste/ style. I loved the LARGE paper- but have no idea what I would do with it.

Heather said...

Me again- I have a HUGE pile of specialty papers for you and a few partial reams of card stock and paper for your students ;) Just let me know how you want to get it ;)

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