Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life happens!

This weekend I came up to Indiana from Tennesse to spend Mother's Day with my mom, my sister and her family. I left right after school on Friday afternoon and headed north. It's a 6 hour drive and things were going well on the drive. I was about 20 minutes behind due to a delay in Lexington, KY traffic but I was making good time. I was about 30 minutes away from my parents house and was traveling on a state highway. There are lots of lights on that road and I came to a light which was green and someone traveling south (I was traveling north) crossed in front of me (failing to yield) and I couldn't stop in time. I hit hard and both air bags deployed. The police officer thinks that the car is totaled- I will not find out until Monday or Tuesday. The bad thing is I'm supposed to head back on monday and I don't have a clue what is going to happen right now. Oh, not only was he failing to yield- he was driving on a suspended license. I walked away with no physical injuries other than the burns on my hands from the air bags. However, I have several bruises under the skin because I can feel them but nothing is there right now. I have more upper body soreness today though- I am truly feeling it right now. The crazy thing is- a year ago this past Tuesday I was rearended in Knoxville and it totaled that car which led to getting this car. I'll keep you all informed. Thanks for reading! I'll be posting some blog candy (I'm thinking of a new name for it) when I get back to Tennessee.


Jan Scholl said...

You survived-that is all that counts. I don't know if the car is totalled. Check out my blog-not the paper one-for photos of my car in January after they started putting it back together. I was going about 40 and my airbags didnt go off! I stilll have weird pains and thought I wasnt hurt either. Either way, I have cut back my driving even more than before and will never go down the street of the accident again. Anyone got a teleporter I can buy from them?

dd2njoy said...

Thank God you're alright!!! You must be in pain for sure,you're lucky you have no broken body parts.Don't drive on those dates,don't seem to be lucky for you.Glad that you survived though.

Yosha said...

Oh no!!! On the plus site you walked away so that's a win right there!

Here's hoping you feel better and have much better days!


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